Tips For HVAC Maintenance

Tips For HVAC Maintenance

Homeowners should check their HVAC systems twice a year – in the spring and the fall experts at maintenace. During these inspections, homeowners should clean debris and clogs from the vents and coils. They should also check for leaks and proper thermostat settings. If the unit is dual-purpose, homeowners should also replace the carbon monoxide detector and check the water supply. HVAC technicians should also inspect the furnace and humidifier wick every five years.

A good preventive maintenance program is essential for any HVAC system. It will not only reduce your HVAC repair bills, but also increase its reliability and comfort levels. By following the suggested maintenance schedule, you can enjoy maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The following are some important tips for HVAC maintenance. Here are some of the most important things to consider when hiring a professional HVAC company:

The first step in regular HVAC maintenance is checking your HVAC system. Ensure that the filters are clean, as these prevent dust and debris from getting into the air conditioning system. If the air filters are dirty, there may be other dust and debris that have accumulated in other parts of the system. Particle buildup can cause clogs and damage to the equipment. Additionally, if the air filter is not clean, it can cause the air quality to suffer.

Lastly, HVAC experts also recommend regular cleanings of the cooling system. Cleanings are essential before the spring weather starts. A professional HVAC expert will clean and lubricate the components and check refrigerant levels. The blower system components will also be checked. The expert will calibrate the blower. The expert will also check the electrical wiring and connections and clean dirty components. Once the inspection is complete, the expert will calibrate the blower and repair any problems that may have arisen.

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