Splat Ball Guns Become a Hot Topic in the Media

splat ball guns

The splat ball guns have recently become a hot topic in the media, with many parents worried about the safety of their children. The battery-operated splat guns can fire up to eight rounds per second, and they can shoot them up to 200 feet. As a result, these toys have become a cause for concern in several communities, including Atlanta and Philadelphia. The Peachtree City Police Department, for example, has issued a message to parents about the dangers of these weapons.

Splat Ball Guns Are A Popular Game

The first shooting incident involved a young Peachtree City boy. A group of teenagers attacked the child with a splat ball gun and shot the victim several times. The police reported that a second golf cart had been used in the assault. Despite the fact that the splat balls are not very impactful, the teen who was shot was still very upset about the situation. The teens arrested were stopped by parents and were charged with discharging the splat balls and shooting at the children. Additional charges are pending the investigation.

Two teenagers at Johnston High School in Peachtree City were suspended for a toy gun fight. The students were accused of possessing weapons while on school property. During the fight, the students fired projectiles at parked cars. The two students, Malakai Quinones and Nicky Rodriguez, disputed the allegations, saying that the toy gun was a ‘fake weapon’.

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