LVL Music Academy

violin school singapore  lvl music academy

LVL violin school singapore, group, and home lessons for students of all levels of expertise. The academy is made up of highly trained music teachers who are dedicated to providing the best training for students of all ages and levels of experience. Janice, the school’s founder, has years of experience in teaching and the music industry. She also offers music theory classes for students who wish to enhance their knowledge of music. The school also offers online and home classes for students who wish to learn at their own pace.

 A Closer Look

The academy prides itself on its technical precision and motivational passion. With a focus on motivating passion, the school teaches music from the early stages of childhood. The school also provides music lessons for babies and aims to inspire musicality in all children. The LVL Music Academy is a great place to learn the violin! We hope you’ll consider joining our school! Here’s a closer look at the school.

The school’s lead violin instructor, Shao-Wen, graduated from Columbia University and holds a Master’s degree in Choral Studies from the University of Cambridge. She provides comprehensive violin lessons and extensive music theory lessons, tailored to each student’s needs and learning ability. With personalized lesson plans and a small class size, you will receive individual attention from all of the instructors. In fact, each instructor has a maximum of three students per class, making them a great fit for any skill level.

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