Kn95 Masks

The Kn95 masks have been a staple in military and law enforcement for many years. These masks provide a higher level of comfort and protection than standard masks made for the public. Made by Snugpak, these are some of the highest rated masks in the world. Click this link to find more info.

A Military Respiratory Safety Net

A major problem with regular plastic masks is the flexibility. It is very easy to stretch the face to the point where air can escape through the nose or mouth openings. Since air leakage through the face causes the face to look worn out quickly, the people that wear these kinds of face masks need a lot of sleep to repair the damage caused by the constant stretching. Plastic is also very lightweight and not very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

With the use of special composites, the Kn95 masks are able to overcome these two problems. The best part about these is that they can be used for any kind of situation and any level of emergency, from a traumatic brain injury to the civilian population. In fact, these can even be used as a basic surgical mask. The knuts are made of a strong nylon, which provides extra durability and comfort. If you are looking to buy one, the internet will be your best choice to find a wholesale supplier, since these are usually much cheaper than retail prices.

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