How to Maintain a Cartridge Heater

You should choose the best cartridge heater according to your needs. You should also know how to maintain it. Read the instructions given by the manufacturer and check the warranty period. If you want to get a longer life from the cartridge heater, consider purchasing a new one. The manufacturer provides warranty services for their products, as well as parts and accessories. The company should also offer maintenance tips. The product should have a warranty period, so you can take advantage of it as much as possible.

Why Need to Maintain a Cartridge Heater

The heating coil is a mechanical load. It is composed of a strand of nichrome wire that is wound around a ceramic core. The number of spirals per inch depends on the watt density. An alternating current source, which is either two-phase or three-phase, is inserted into the heating coil. The alternating current flows through the coiled nichrome wire, heating it. The lead has a connector for connecting the lead and heater to the power supply.

The heating coil has several different components. The most important component of the cartridge heater is the sheath. This outer layer makes direct contact with the liquid or material. Because the sheath needs to protect the internal components, it must be able to withstand high temperatures. Stainless steel is commonly used for sheaths. In addition to this, a cartridge heater must be able to withstand extreme vibration. If the heating coil is not designed to withstand these kinds of pressure, it will not be able to heat up.

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