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Roofing companies in Charlotte that offer a full service roofing service to commercial, industrial and residential clients are referred to as roofer teams. It is a common misconception that roofing services only involve repairing of roofing materials or installing roofing shingles. Roofing services encompass a variety of tasks including the replacement of damaged materials or replacing entire roof systems. It is in the provision of these sorts of services that the term ‘roofer team’ is most often used. A typical Charlotte roofer team would comprise of a roofer technician, an electrician, a civil/mineral engineer and a qualified mechanical technician.


The work of a roofer is usually carried out on large buildings or large spans of roof. In large buildings the roofer has to ensure that the roof system provides maximum protection against natural elements such as snow, rain, hail and heat. In addition, the roof must also provide insulation, drainage to prevent water accumulation and facilitate the movement of air. If the roof is left without any of these basic requirements for maintaining safe and functional conditions it can prove to be very costly and problematic to the end user or his business.


Roofing specialists are trained and experienced in all aspects of the roofing industry. Their job involves planning, building, installing, repair, and analysis of all types of roofing systems. The roofer team may work in conjunction with other departments within a company to provide a comprehensive solution to various roofing issues. Some companies may require additional training on specific aspects of the roofing industry. A roofing company in Charlotte could therefore benefit from the services of a quality roofing company that could take on an additional staff member who has specialist training in the field of roofing.

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