CAE Training

course for aged care

Completion of the CAE course for aged care and individual support enables the individual to take up a career as a qualified and competent Care Management Officer (CMO). The CMO’s main responsibility is to ensure that people in their care to live healthy lives. It is their duty to keep them at their best by providing all necessary assistance with tasks such as: Personal Support, Adult Supervision, Custody and Legal Services. The CMO also acts as an advocate for the aged carers, hence their role as a mediator between the various parties involved. These courses equip the candidates with skills such as: Providing companionship and assistance, providing safety and guidance and assisting the aged carers during their transitional times. Also, by passing the CAE courses, one can prove their knowledge of the CAE regulations, which are mandatory for all CMO’s to comply with.

Get Certified and Enhance Your Skills

Apart from these professional skills, the candidates can also improve their communication and leadership skills by taking the CAE training course online. Online learning is highly preferred by many young professionals who wish to pursue a career in aged care staff. This is because it enables them to learn at their own pace. Moreover, online learning offers flexible timings which suit the busy lifestyle of many working adults. Therefore, the candidates can achieve their goal of finding a rewarding and well paid career in aged care staff without giving up their job or ceasing their education.

One can also enroll for CAE training courses at various centers including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-run care homes, nursing homes, private agencies and community colleges. The duration of these online courses varies from six to twelve weeks. Candidates who wish to enroll can approach the nearest CAE department and check out for the details. However, it is advised to check on the authenticity of the CAE department before enrolling for any of their courses. Once the candidate is successful in getting an online certificate, he/she will get benefits such as:

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