Bob Says: “I’ve Been to Australia, I’ve Got the Job, Now I’m Looking for Great Furniture”

“We specialize in moving trucks, movers, and heavy equipment, as well as shipping and freight brokerage firms for general corporate and business moving needs.” Bob attributes his success to backloading removalists Australia. “Now it’s not so much how we do it, but more about the attitude that we have when working with clients to move their goods from point A to point B.”

Bob Says: “I’ve Been to Australia, I’ve Got the Job, Now I’m Looking for Great Furniture”

If you’re moving somewhere in Australia (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), you should know what Bob offers by way of backloading removals. “I like the fact that we don’t just move stuff around the country. We deliver it right to the client’s door, so all the work is all done for them. We specialize in moving companies, so we know how to handle all different kinds of situations – residential, commercial, and every kind of moving situation in between.

Bob tells us his dream of becoming a removalist begins when he first sees the huge stack of furniture piled up in his current warehouse. As he picks up the phone to book a moving company, he hears, “We will not be able to move your furniture this season.” Frustrated, Bob hangs up the phone and continues with his life plans. But two months later, Bob’s friend calls him from Melbourne, where he’s been hired to move some furniture from a newly constructed apartment to a shipping warehouse in Brisbane. Bob’s friend tells him all the backloading removalists in Australia are booked solid through the end of the year, but Bob’s heart is set on changing that – for the better.

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