Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Baby Stroller

A recent Internet image search for “Jewish baby stroller” revealed an alarming collection of images: portable ovens, barbeque grills, and other offensive objects. Google, which has apologized for the error, is looking into the issue. However, some researchers say the results are no accident and may be the result of an extremist campaign. For example, one image appears to show a Jewish child in a baby stroller, while another shows a barbeque grill on a table.

What You Should Have Asked Your Teachers About Anti-semitism And The Jewish Baby Stroller

The network contagion research institute, which studies online hate speech, published an article on anti-Semitic images and memes. The images displayed on the page were of a portable oven and its accompanying text. The posts are believed to have been published in August and September of last year. In addition, the images showed up in searches for several years. This is not surprising because people may have posted the same picture with a specific term next to it.

While the search results were shocking, Google has now addressed the problem. They removed the images from the site. The original images of a portable oven over the text “Jewish baby stroller” are still visible. Despite Google’s attempts, the image remains a reminder that the search algorithm has no tolerance for hate speech. And the Jewish community is concerned. These two images are just the latest examples of anti-Semitic imagery on the Internet.

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